Learn how to use the camera on your phone and be proud of the photos you share.

If you're a small business owner, you know how hard it can be to market yourself with authentic images that truly reflect your brand. Authenticity is that all too popular buzz word we hear everyday. You don't have to be a pro photographer to take great images, nor do you have to wait weeks and even months before getting those pro images. 

Start using your phone to share your everyday life along and your business life to help draw people in to your brand authentically.



Every Friday I send out tips to our subscribers to help you become better at taking photos with the camera you carry around with you everywhere: your phone.

I'm also pretty up on my gif game, so if you need a chuckle, this is a list you'll enjoy.

Upcoming workshop


Date: Oct 16th.

Time: 11:00am-1:00pm

Location: Stickney IL 

Sponsors: A Clover Events, A Dash of Joy, Gather Vintage




You don't need to be a photographer to take great images, you just need to know how to use the camera you have; your phone.

I'm going to virtually bring the 1-2-3s to creating great images that you're super proud to post.