Are you a business owner struggling to capture those perfect images you see on social media?

I totally understand the struggle of wanting an awesome looking social media presence but having to wait FOR-ever for the photographer to share the images of your amazing work. 

Plus you want to give your followers some authentic behind the scenes pictures of your day-to-day business life...cuz let's face it, your people are nosy. They want to know what you're up to and that you're the perfect one for their event. Make them feel that FOMO if they don't work with you.

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Well let me give you the fertilizer to make your photos look stunning so your social media can fit your brand. 

You don't need to be a photographer to take a great picture.

WHAAAAT? Did she just say that?

It's true! You don't need to have the latest gear to take good pictures. It's not the gear that does the work, it's the person using the gear, whether its a professional camera or an iPhone. You just need to know the formula that goes into creating the look you want in your photos. Stop waiting weeks or even months to get pictures of your work or using stock pictures for social media. Be authentic. Show people WHO your business is. 

Our hands-on in-person phone photography workshop is going to help you start taking amazing photos that fit your brand

I want to come alongside other small businesses to create an awesome visual social media presence. I mean we all have heard about what it takes to gain more followers, but if the pictures your posting aren't giving that WOW factor, or making potential clients feel like they'd be missing out on the fun of working with you, then you're just spinning your wheels and honestly wasting time. No good.

During our workshop we will be covering a lot; from composing a good photo with your phone, to showing you how to edit your photos so they're social media ready. It's going to be a great time, and I promise it won't hurt to take a break from your busy life and actually feel confident in creating something amazing.

I've been a photographer for 10 years now and a storyteller for 7 years. I've have learned the importance of not only telling the stories of my couples, but also authentically letting my audience experience life with me through my daily social media post. I've been intentionally growing my visual footprint for my own brand and Metts Photo's brand for 6 months, since the first phone photography workshop, and have grown by over 1000 followers between both and counting.  We even booked a wedding through our Instagram this year! I couldn't believe it but it happened. Now while I'm not teaching how to grow a following, I know that taking great pictures is that first piece of the puzzle.

As a business it's not about just having pretty pictures, you want those pictures to draw in sales. The foundation starts with great pictures that tell your story.

I can't believe I didn't do this course with Karina sooner! I feel like everything she taught me seems obvious to photographers but as someone who doesn't have that eye, being taught how to look at light and position a picture was SO valuable! Karina was so great at explaining each detail and made me feel comfortable asking all of my silly questions. I feel like my instagram feed is already stronger and I've only posted one picture since the workshop. I highly suggest this course! - Kelley


What to expect at this workshop

  • 1 hour learning how to find the good light (not Becky with the good hair), what composition even means and how to nail it, what the heck you're even supposed to be posting pictures of, and how to tell a story through your images.


  • 30 minutes of shooting time where you can put what you learn into practice. I'll provide a white background to help you style your pictures for those behind the scenes shots you might want to include in your social media feeds.


  • 30 minutes of editing time where I walk you through what all those little symbols mean in the editing apps and how to edit your photo rather than just slapping on a filter.

"It was great! The most useful parts were on the layout of styled photos and branding. I have already found myself being more thoughtful about the way that I am putting a photo together." - KRISTI
"Loved it! The handout was super helpful. I especially loved learning about the different editing tools and what they do. I thought it was a great overview and I learned a lot about shooting techniques." - KATIE


Frequently Asked questions

Do you do group workshops?

Yes, of course. I can come to teach your whole staff! It's important for your brand to be evident across the board, so teaching your staff to have a good visual eye will be a huge benefit to you. E-mail me at, and I can put together an event package for you.

Will you teach me how to get more followers?

While I'm not teaching you the strategies of marketing, I am going to equip you with the great and important skill of developing your eye to create your own beautiful images with just your phone. The followers will come organically as your photography skills improve.

What should I bring?

Just your phone. I'll be providing an outline for you to take notes on. If you'd like to bring a drink or two to share you're very welcome to. I'll be providing water and a light snack.

Will you have things for me to photograph?

Yes! I have a full bag of props I use when I'm styling, but this is for YOU, so bringing along items that fit your branding will help you capture images you can actually use on your own social media.


This workshop  will rock for you if:

-You're a small business owners. 

-You're a smart phone owners. Sorry...if you don't have a phone with a camera, you'll probably be twiddling your thumbs the whole time.

-If you're looking to include more day to day authentic photos in their social media. 

-If you're stuck on what to be posting every day.

-If you're taking too much time stressing about what pictures to post, and tired of waiting for professional images.

This workshop will probably disappoint:

-If you don't have a smart phone. I think this speaks for itself.

-If you're looking how to use a point and shoot camera. I'm teaching how to use your phone, the camera that's always with you.

-If you're only looking to gain more followers on your social media. 

-If you're going to be playing Pokemon Go the whole time. I'm not a Pokemon gym, sorry. 



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